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The 50 mile Race For The Rainforest

Sponsoring The Race for the Rainforest

As a sponsor for The Race For The Rainforest, your advertising message will be prominently displayed to visitors that click the "Save the Rainforest" button on this site's Home Page.

The advertising rate is only $.001 per unique daily impression (20,000 impressions for each $20 donation), and given the worthy nature of our cause viewers are more likely to support our advertisers. You are allowed up to five 80-character lines of text including a hyperlink to your G-rated website.

Placement on the sponsor page will be determined by (1) the size of your donation and (2) the date of the donation, with the earliest donation placing higher for equal amounts. We use eXTReMe Tracking for third party traffic analysis. All sponsors will be able to instantly verify unique daily traffic.

Sponsors will donate directly to Sweet Home New Orleans or another worthy charity in the name of the Race for the Rainforest. This site does not accept donations or outside advertising.

We ask that you submit your charity of choice to us for sponsor qualification before making any donations in the name of the Race For The Rainforest. We will not accept sponsorship for donations to psuedo-charities that are merely funnels to the pharmaceutical industry or other for-profit industries.

Current traffic volume is approximately 11,000 unique visitors per month. Contact race founder Steve Morrow at sm (at) stevemorrow.com for more information or to submit your charity or report your donation.

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