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The 50 mile Race For The Rainforest

The 5th 50 mile Race for the Rainforest, originally set for November of 2005, was postponed due to the destruction and aftermath from Hurricane Katrina. The race has been tentatively rescheduled and postponed several times due to various health and other issues, and is now scheduled for World Run Day, November 10th, 2013.

This may be the final 50 mile Race For The Rainforest, due to current research exposing the serious health risks associated with distance running. As always, we appreciate your donations to our designated beneficiary or other worthy charities of choice.

We ask that you submit your charity of choice to us for sponsor qualification before making any donations in the name of the Race For The Rainforest. We will not accept sponsorship for donations to psuedo-charities that are merely funnels to the pharmaceutical industry or other for-profit industries.

You can contact race founder Steve Morrow at sm (at) stevemorrow.com for more information.

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