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The 50 mile Race For The Rainforest

The 50 mile Race for the Rainforest was founded to raise awareness of the disastrous consequences of the destruction of the rainforests and to generate donations for organizations that are actively working to protect our remaining rainforests and their inhabitants.

The 5th edition of this race was scheduled for November of 2005, but was postponed and then cancelled in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Subsequent attempts to resume the race were unsuccessful for various reasons. A particularly distressing factor was my discovery several years ago that current research shows that distance running has few if any health benefits and many serious health risks.

Out of respect for the thousands of loyal folks who have supported this site for more than a decade, I have decided to attempt one more 50 mile race. However, in light of the new research, no other runners will be invited, and my training for the final race will consist of short runs never exceeding one mile.

Our beneficiary for the final race is Sweet Home New Orleans, a wonderful organization dedicated to preserving the musical culture of New Orleans. With 64 inches of annual rainfall, New Orleans passes my test as a legitimate rainforest.

Clicking the "save the rainforest" button below will generate a sponsor-paid donation to "Sweet Home New Orleans" or other worthy charities at no cost to you. Please Bookmark this site and return often as you are allowed to generate a donation once each day.

clicking on this button once a day generates a sponsor-paid donation to Sweet Home New Orleans or other worthy charities

The 5th and possibly final 50 mile Race For The Rainforest will be run on World Run Day, November 10th, 2013. Please Sponsor the Race with a donation to Sweet Home New Orleans or another worthy charity.

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